Saturday, March 10, 2007

Training Week 15: 3/5/07 - 3/11/07

Training Schedule:
Tues, 3/6: Bike - Spinervals 21.0 of Aero Base Builder on trainer
Wed, 3/7: Run - 40 min run on Tucson Tri course at UA before masters, Swim - 1 hr Master's swim workout
Sat, 3/8: Bike - 100 mile ride

Holy crap...3 weeks?! Yep, it's been a crazy 3 weeks. Buying a house, putting ours on the market, etc. So I've been training sporadically during that time. But I've been sticking to the long workouts.

Here's the Cliff Notes version of what's happened training wise:
For the Tri Girls YMCA swim relay I swam 4300 yds non-stop in 1 hr 26 minutes. I was pretty jazzed about that. It was in a 25 yd long pool, so that drove me a little crazy. But I got it done. Boy were my arms tired after that. Good thing all I need my arms for are for the swim and holding myself up on the bike.

Last weekend was the Tri Girl training weekend on the IMAZ course. I was hoping to do a 100 mile ride, but the winds nixed that idea. I felt great after the first loop of 41 miles and was like "Yeah! 2 more loops no problem!" But then the winds picked up and blew us all over the road. By mile 60 I was hating life and wanted off the bike and to get out of the wind. I also rolled through a cereal storm. There's a landfill by the course and a box of cereal blew into the road. A car hit it which ripped the bag of cereal from the box (a full bag I might add) and the following truck ripped open the bag. Sticky, crunchy kid's cereal flew across the road and all over me and the bike. I think it was Honey Smacks or something similar. Thank goodness the drivetrain didn't freeze up due to being jammed with cereal. On Sunday I ran one loop of the IMAZ course with Shari. I noticed it's pretty much a combination of parts of the Tempe Oly and SOMA 1/2 IM run courses. So all of it was pretty familar. I've convinced my brain that the run course (which is 3 loops of just over 8 miles each) is really 2 loops and a parade lap. The parade lap I will be giving high fives to the crowd and hugging the volunteers the entire way.

Today I did my first century ride! 100.5 miles on the bike. I went an extra 1/2 mile just to be sure. I covered it in 6 hrs 5 minutes of riding time, and 7 hrs 10 min clock time (with stops and chatting with Johnny, who rode with me). I rode from Tucson to Casa Grande and back. It sounds weird to say I rode from one entire town to another. Winds weren't that bad. Just a few gusts and headwinds on the way back. Thankfully Johnny from work joined me on the ride so that I wasn't alone. We made lots of stops along the way and it broke up the ride well. He did 80 miles, so I dropped him off in Marana and continued on while he leap-frogged me in the car. For the last 20 miles I cranked at 19.5 mph! The legs just wanted to spin, so I let them and kept an eye on my HR and didn't let it get too high. Average HR of 118 for this ride was perfect. I don't feel trashed at all. Not sure about running a marathon after this kind of ride, but I only need to do that once. ;) So this was a good ride, especially after last weekend's demoralizing ride in the wind on the IMAZ course. Funny how I feel much better after this 100 miles than I did after the 82 miles last weekend in the wind. My nutrition plan is pretty much dialed in. I tried pretzels on this ride around mile 82 and they tasted SO GOOD! It was nice to have something crunchy and salty. It seems to be helping to take small bites of solid food throughout the ride. So pretzels will be in the special needs bag.


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