Thursday, March 29, 2007

Training Week 18: 3/26/07 - 4/1/07

I went to Master's swim 2 nights this week, to try to get my swimming lungs back. After 2 weeks out of the pool due to the cold, I was sucking wind. But it is what it is.

This weekend is the Ragnar Relay Del Sol. I've picked up an extra running leg (on the course, not on my body ;)) so I will be running 19 miles total in the 36 or so hours of the race. The race is Friday and Saturday, and we are running from Wickenburg to Scottsdale. That's 189 miles of running! Holly (the bestest team captain ever! Yeah, that shout out's for you girl!) got us some really cool purple hoodies that have the Tri Girls logo on the front with "Ragnar Del Sol Relay 2007" and then the names of our team members on the back. The thing is so comfy. I could seriously live in it during the cooler months.

Zac and I will be staying with a friend of mine in Tempe Saturday night, then on Sunday I'll be hitting Lake Pleasant for a 2.4 mile practice swim for IMAZ. I'm going to try to seed myself in the group where I would for IMAZ. Coach Colleen recommended right on the buoy line and a little towards the back for me.

I just got the proofs for my team shirts! These are the shirts my family members will be wearing on IMAZ race day! This will make it easier for me to find them in the crowd, and it will be a little gift for being out there all freaking day.


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