Friday, April 13, 2007

Countdown to IMAZ: 2 days!

Today was pretty low-key. I hit the athlete expo to draw a TTG poster for the run course then pretty much just sat around and rested. I have done no swimming, biking or running while here. Tonight is the athlete's dinner and racer's meeting, then off to bed early.

I took some pics of the venue, but don't have the interface CD for the camera to my laptop. So posting pics will need to wait until I get home. I did go to the pro's press conference, which was really short. Tim DeBoom seemed really quiet and tired, whereas Michael Lovato was cheery and a really good speaker. The press conference was only about 15 min or so. I wished they would've spent more time interviewing the pros.

Tomorrow I will take my bike out for a quick shake-down cruise, rack it in the rack, and pack all of my "official" bags. Maybe tomorrow will be my freak out day. Maybe not. I'll be hitting the sack early tomorrow night for an early morning on Sunday!


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