Saturday, April 14, 2007

Countdown to IMAZ: 1 day!

My husband is stuck in Dallas right now. He was on travel for work this week, and was supposed to fly directly to PHX last night, but got stuck in Dallas due to the weather. He's supposed to arrive by noon. So I won't have much time with him before the race.

Last night I went to the athlete's dinner and sat with Heather, a fellow Tri Girl. Food was ok, but the presentation was nice. The oldest competitor is a 78 year old guy that has done 47 Ironmans, and he didn't start doing Ironmans until the age of 64! Oldest woman was 74. Pretty cool.

They kept showing IM videos, and in each video they showed the crazy swim. Both Heather and I wished they'd stop showing that. The swim looks totally insane.

Today I am going to take my bike for a quick shake-down cruise, then check it in. I need to fill all of my bags, and check my T1 & T2 bags. Then I'll mix all of my drinks for tomorrow and put them in the cooler. I'm going to meet the Tri Girls for dinner, then it will be off to bed early.


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